What Are The Common Myths Related to CRM

CRM is a highly popular and remarkable software that has become the need of any growing business. Despite of a range of benefits offered by these systems, there are a few myths that prevent people from implementing this valuable software in their business. It is the time to debunk myths and help customers improve their businesses by developing extraordinary customer relationships right from the first engagement.

As the future is cloud, it doesn’t matter the type of deployment environment you are using

Modern cloud environments are rated to be more flexible, reliable, affordable, and secure than proprietary cloud of any other vendor. Most of the businesses focus only on the cloud and neglect the importance of choosing the deployment model.

Deployment is equally essential in meeting regulatory and security needs of a business. Instead of your business adjusting itself to meet the needs of deployment model, ensure that your CRM deployment adjusts to the needs of your business.

I need to purchase different “suites” for different departments in my business

Companies are organized on the basis of department and function. It is not necessary to invest in multiple clouds/suites and development platforms to assist marketing, sales, and service people. This ultimately enhances cost, complexity, and time to market for users. Integration of all these different solutions is another big headache.

The right approach is to look at the objective of CRM software right from the starting. Why do you need the dealer CRM software? By making your CRM software easily available for all members, ensures that none in your firm can claim ignorance. It also assures that each and every member of your team is on the same page.

In case of CRM, the sticker price is just the start of expensive

CRM software is often considered to be too pricey for firms that make it very difficult to know how much your CRM is really going to cost. Besides the software price, there is a lot of other expense that a firm needs to undergo for effective implementation of this software. These include:

  • Upcharges for system usage
  • Charges incurred for making API calls
  • Storage-based fees
  • Charges for mobile


Making the wrong selection of CRM makes it quite tough to differentiate your business from other businesses. It prevents in creating seamless customer experiences, and make job harder and expensive. Learning the truth and making the right selection of CRM will assist your business at several levels.

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